43 Episodes

Curated to meet a wide variety of relaxation needs, The Relax Channel videos were developed to relax, engage and enlighten the viewer with spectacular images from around the world. Each video features 10 to 20 carefully selected HD ‘windows’ creating a retreat from everyday distractions. For an immersive experience, videos are accompanied by the naturally occurring sounds recorded on location. Relax videos run from 30 minutes to five hours.

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  • Iceland preview

    Episode 1

  • Serenity preview

    Episode 2

    Enjoy Massage Beach Cabanas Mexico, Waimuku Falls Hawaii, Cebu Islands Underwater Philippines, Fly Fishing on Mohican River, Cinnamon Beach USVI, Cruising on the Three Gorges Yangtze River China, Sunset on Sea of Cortez beach, Hawaii Fishermen, Rainbow Falls Hawaii and Eternity Beach Hawaii.

  • Resort Life. Beautiful. Relaxing. Natural

    Episode 3

    From the Mexican Riviera and Yucatan to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Cancun-enjoy a virtual vacation in a soothing video postcard without music or narration-just the natural sounds recorded on location in HD.

  • Entrada natural relaxation

    Episode 4

    Videos include . DeSoto Falls, Iao Valley Maui, Grand Bahama Island, Punta Mita Golf Course Mexico, Sipalay Boats, Caceres Reef and Glassfish, Philippines, Aruba beach, Del Norte Coast CA, Yellowstone Nat'l Park, Tumalo Falls OR, Colorado River Texas, Oregon Cattle Ranch, Rocky Coastline Chile, S...

  • Vitality natural relaxation

    Episode 5

    Videos include Gondolas on Venice Canals, Chicago Navy Pier Fireworks, Millennium Park Cloudgate Chicago, Cruising the Three Rivers Gorge on the Yangtze River China, Underwater Reefs on Cebu Island Philippines, Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Sea of Cortez beach sunset and the Snow and Ice Festi...

  • Serenity nature relaxation

    Episode 6

    Enjoy Massage Beach Cabanas Mexico, Waimuku Falls Hawaii, Cebu Islands Underwater Philippines, Fly Fishing on Mohican River, Cinnamon Beach USVI, Cruising on the Three Gorges Yangtze River China, Sunset on Sea of Cortez beach, Hawaii Fishermen, Rainbow Falls Hawaii and Eternity Beach Hawaii.

  • Iceland. Pure. Magic.

    Episode 7

    The Window Channel Network's International award-winning producers first 'Scenery Channel' journey explores Iceland's pure and magical land of fire and ice. Relax with the scenic wonders from the Snæfellsjökull gígur glacier in the West to the Vatnajökull National Park in the East and the Dyrhóla...

  • Vicinity
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Vicinity features destinations including; Hudson River New York City, Cloud Gate Chicago, Vltava River Prague Czech Republic, Red Wall Tiananmen Square, Amalfi Coast Italy, Ice and Snow Festival Harbin China, Stockholm Marina Sweden and Haichiko Crossing Shibuya District Tokyo

  • Heavenly natural relaxation

    Episode 9

    Vistas include Lotus Flower ponds in Maui, Floating clouds in Texas, Aruba Dutch Caribbean, Trunk Bay St. John USVI, Deschutes National Forest Oregon, Waimuku Falls Maui, Rain Falling on leaves in New Orleans, Kanoehe Bay Hawaii, Texas Wildflowers and Leinster Bay St. John. Relax with Window Chan...

  • Caribbean nature beaches and sunsets

    Episode 10

    A soothing video postcard with no narration or music-simply the natural sounds and video recorded on location in HD. Relax with the Caribbean Islands most spectacular and hard to find natural beauty including, beaches, waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, surfing, sunsets and waterfalls. Videos from A...

  • Portugal. Europe's West Coast

    Episode 11

    Beautiful Portugal from the Algarve to the Atlantic Coast, here you will find nature, beauty and history unique as non-other. The Window Channel visits the Algarve, Capitol City of Lisbon, scenic Sintra, coastal Cascais, ancient city of Tavira, and the wild surf of Baleal and the Silver Coast.

  • Falling Water world waterfalls

    Episode 12

    Vistas include Tumalo Falls, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon, Rainbow Falls, Hawaii, Iguazu Falls, Argentina, Little Lyon Falls, Mohican State Park, Ohio, Desoto Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama, Waimoku Falls, Maui, Salto de Laja Waterfalls, Los Angeles, Chile, Websters Falls, Spence Gorge, Ontario,...

  • Symmetry natural relaxation

    Episode 13

    Yangtze River China, Horsehollow Wind farm, Grand Bahama Island Infinity Pool, Buckingham Fountain Chicago, Bellagio Fountain Las Vegas, Fly fishing on the Mohican River, Glass fish of Apo Islands Philippines, Hacienda Temozon Mexico, Crown Fountain Chicago and sunrise on Annapolis Harbor

  • Discovery
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    Visuals include shapes, colors and slow-action images that captivate and engage the imagination, yet is calming, and soothing. Images include slow motion wind mills, sky and clouds, ponds and pools, and shapes and images from nature Exciting visuals from around the world from city scapes to beach...

  • South America natural splendor

    Episode 15

    A stunning collection of spectacular video from South America; Sugarloaf Tram Rio de Janeiro, Vidigal Beach Brazil, Laja River Tributary Antuco Valley Chile, Lala Lake National Park Chile, Avenida del Liberador, National Congress Buenos Aires, Igauzu Falls, Ponte Octavio Frias de Oliveria Sa Paul...

  • Rocky Beaches natural relaxation

    Episode 16

    Vistas include Asilomar Beach Monterey, Vidigal Beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Del Norte Coast California, Nakalele Blowhole Maui, Tide Pools Sea of Cortez Mexico, Surf Seagulls Northern California, East Cape San Jose del Cabo Sur Mexico, Old Tree On Beach Hawaii, Rocky Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

  • Expedition natural relaxation for all ages

    Episode 17

    Vistas include, fly-fishing, cityscapes, hot-air balloons, waterfalls, rivers and beaches, trains and railways, Chinese Ice Festival, Palm Springs Windmills, Fireworks, Panama Canal, Tumalo Falls Oregon, Caceres Reef, Skywalk and The Ledge Chicago, Yangtzee River and Canale San Marcos Venice

  • Los Sueños the dreams relaxation

    Episode 18

    A soothing video postcard with no narration or music—simply the natural sounds and video in HD. Lotus Flowers, Aruba beach, Floating Clouds, Sparks Lake, Oregon, Wildflowers, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, Rain Falling on Leaves, Waimiku Falls, Maui, Trunk Bay and Leinster Bay, St. John, USVI, Beach Cabana...

  • Underwater Palau

    Episode 19

    Located in the Western Pacific Ocean, Palau offers the world’s most beautiful tropical paradise. Palau is rated as one of the world’s best diving destinations for its unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls and an unimaginable array of marine life. Internationally renown filmmaker Nick Martorano brings...

  • Spain Under The Sun

    Episode 20

    Beautiful Spain includes 17 regions with diverse geography and cultures. The Window Channel visits some of the treasures of Spain including the Capitol city Madrid, Barcelona's Montserrat in Catalonia, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona the capital of Navarre, Andalusian towns of Seville and th...

  • Discovery relaxation for all ages

    Episode 21

    A soothing video postcard format with no narration or music-simply the natural sounds. From nature to exciting cityscapes; floating clouds, underwater flying fish, Schroon River, wildflowers, Aruba fishing boats, Horsehollow Wind Farm, rain falling on Leaves, McKinney Roughs on the Colorado River...

  • Lake Tahoe natural relaxation

    Episode 22

    A relaxing video postcard format with no narration or music-simply the natural sounds and video in HD. Relax with vistas of Lake Tahoe's spectacular natural beauty including, beaches, waterfalls and mountains, including Bonsai Rock, Lower Eagle Falls and Sand Harbor Beach. Relax with the Window C...

  • Global Views relaxation

    Episode 23

    Videos include Hudson River, Vltava River Prague, Amalfi Coast, Millennium Park, Stockholm, Hachiko Crossing, Sao Paulo, Canale San Marco, The Ledge Chicago, El Angel Mexico City, Times Square, Venice gondola, Penguin Beach Argentina, Panama Canal, Chicago, Maui Blowhole, Ice Festival Harbin Chin...

  • Tranquility natural relaxation

    Episode 24

    Videos include, Beach Cabanas Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Pink and Yellow Lotus Flowers Hawaii, Sea of Cortez beach sunset, Purple Wildflowers, Texas Bluebonnet Wildflowers, Rainbow Falls Hawaii, Sparks Lake Oregon, Cruising the Three Rivers Gorge on the Yangtze River, and Texas floating clouds