16 Episodes

A compilation of the Window Channel's most relaxing and beautiful nature videos.

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  • Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) 1-hour

    Episode 1

    This is one-hour film features takes you on leisurely walks in select forests for health benefits. The practice originated n Japan where it is called (森林浴) Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to forest bathing. Shinrin-Yoku is proven by scientists to benefit physical as well as mental health as it hel...

  • WATER 30-minutes

    Episode 2

    Screened at more than 60 film festivals worldwide and winner of 13 prestigious awards, this 30-minute video journey takes you on a tour of some of the planet's most spectacular glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, rivers and waterways. Destinations include Iceland, Igauzu Falls Brazil, Atchafalaya Basi...

  • Sanctuary natural relaxation

    Episode 3

    Views include; Eternity Beach, Hawaii, Fly fishing on Mohican River, Asilomar Beach, Monterey, California, Twin Falls, Yankee Boy Basin, Colorado, Jungle Waterfall, Maui, Hawaii, Del Norte Coast lighthouse, California, Adirondack Mountains, New York, Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI, and Annapolis Harbo...

  • Colorful Colorado natural relaxation

    Episode 4

    Featuring waterfalls, mountains, ghost towns, fall and spring colors and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. A soothing video postcard format with no narration or music-simply the natural sounds and video recorded in full HD.

  • Jungle Waterfalls

    Episode 5

    Relax with this series of jungle waterfalls recorded on location in South America with the natural occurring sounds in HD. Ideal for background ambient scenery and white noise or for meditation, resting or light sleep. For nighttime sleep aids, view the "Sleepwell Channel" videos for ultra-dark s...

  • Lake Tahoe natural relaxation

    Episode 6

    A relaxing video postcard format with no narration or music-simply the natural sounds and video in HD. Relax with vistas of Lake Tahoe's spectacular natural beauty including, beaches, waterfalls and mountains, including Bonsai Rock, Lower Eagle Falls and Sand Harbor Beach. Relax with the Window C...

  • Black Canyon of The Gunnison

    Episode 7

    Window Channel Network's award-wining videographers capture spectacular video of the swift and turbulent Gunnison River beneath sheer walls of dark gray stone that rise more than 2,700 feet above. One of the most dramatic canyons in the country it is deeper than it is wide in some places and this...

  • Falling Water world waterfalls

    Episode 8

    Vistas include Tumalo Falls, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon, Rainbow Falls, Hawaii, Iguazu Falls, Argentina, Little Lyon Falls, Mohican State Park, Ohio, Desoto Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama, Waimoku Falls, Maui, Salto de Laja Waterfalls, Los Angeles, Chile, Websters Falls, Spence Gorge, Ontario,...

  • Heavenly natural relaxation

    Episode 9

    Vistas include Lotus Flower ponds in Maui, Floating clouds in Texas, Aruba Dutch Caribbean, Trunk Bay St. John USVI, Deschutes National Forest Oregon, Waimuku Falls Maui, Rain Falling on leaves in New Orleans, Kanoehe Bay Hawaii, Texas Wildflowers and Leinster Bay St. John. Relax with Window Chan...

  • Rocky Beaches natural relaxation

    Episode 10

    Vistas include Asilomar Beach Monterey, Vidigal Beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Del Norte Coast California, Nakalele Blowhole Maui, Tide Pools Sea of Cortez Mexico, Surf Seagulls Northern California, East Cape San Jose del Cabo Sur Mexico, Old Tree On Beach Hawaii, Rocky Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

  • Unity natural relaxation

    Episode 11

    Scenes include Del Norte Coast California, Yellowstone National Park, Tumalo Falls Oregon, Caceres Reef Philippines, Colorado River Texas, Terrebonne Cattle Ranch Oregon, Coastline Valaparasio Chile, Schroon River Adirondack Mountains, Makapu'u Tide Pools Maui and sunset on Sea of Cortez Mexico.

  • Entrada natural relaxation

    Episode 12

    Videos include . DeSoto Falls, Iao Valley Maui, Grand Bahama Island, Punta Mita Golf Course Mexico, Sipalay Boats, Caceres Reef and Glassfish, Philippines, Aruba beach, Del Norte Coast CA, Yellowstone Nat'l Park, Tumalo Falls OR, Colorado River Texas, Oregon Cattle Ranch, Rocky Coastline Chile, S...

  • Aloha Hawaii natural relaxation

    Episode 13

    Enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of Hawaii including, Eternity Beach, Ioa Valley Park, Blowhole, Rainbow Falls, Kawaiola Bay, Lotus Flower ponds, Jungle Waterfall, Makapu'u Tide Pools, Maui Twin Falls, Kaeohe Bay, Tunnels Beach at Hanalei, Waimoku Falls, Haleakala National Forest, and more.

  • Playa Azul beautiful beaches from around the world

    Episode 14

    This long-play program from The Window Channel is a compilation of our most popular beach and ocean programs presented in a three-hour master program, ideal for relaxing or as a background video. Enjoy some of the most beautiful oceans and beaches for relaxation or meditation.

  • Mauna Kea Beach, Big Island Hawaii

    Episode 15

    One of the world's most beautiful beaches, Kauna'oa Beach also know as Mauna Kea Beach is on the Northwest edge of the Big Island of Hawaii. Here you will find scenery of the spectacular 3rd hole of the Mauna Kea Resort Golf Course, windsurfers on the water, waves lapping at the shoreline and tid...

  • Caribbean nature beaches and sunsets

    Episode 16

    A soothing video postcard with no narration or music-simply the natural sounds and video recorded on location in HD. Relax with the Caribbean Islands most spectacular and hard to find natural beauty including, beaches, waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, surfing, sunsets and waterfalls. Videos from A...